This sub-project investigates innovative interaction design of social media in everyday life.

Today a variety of services offer social sharing of content, social connections and geo-tagging features. Recreational services also exist that enable playful consumption, exchange and display of city spaces and places. Such services may be embedded in our daily activities.

The main question we ask is: How may urban probes be applied, in terms of culture and technology, to enable us to make, use and study the narrative accounts of participants in experimental mobile environments?

The focus is on social, experiential and playful aspects of city life. Social, collaborative navigation and the city as object for sociality will be realised via shared events that participants will visualise and distribute into activities for collaborative wayfinding and the annotation of place. Shared content will be filtered by data logging activities to reveal personalised ‘maps’ of our lived lives in cities. Though such narrative tracings participants will be able to revisit, comment upon and offer views to one another.

Application prototypes will be designed and trialled as urban probes via state-of-the-art phones (with features such as gesture input, motion sensors, location awareness).

Satellite Lamps

We have just launched a new project called Satellite Lamps where we investigate and reveal one of the central infrastructures of the networked city, the Global Positioning System (GPS). This project continues our project of visualising the materials of technologies that started in 2009 with our studies of RFID and WiFi. With Satellite Lamps we now explore the material, spatial and temporal qualities of GPS in cities.

Immaterials exhibitions

The work in YOUrban that has been carried out under the ‘Immaterals’ theme is currently showing in two exciting exhibitions in Brighton and Amsterdam.

Playful 2012 – ‘Means of production’

Einar has been in London to talk at Playful 2012; a conference about design, games and technology organized by Mudlark. His talk ‘Means of production’ has been turned into a blogpost.

Projects inspired by ‘Immaterials: Light painting WiFi’

The film ‘Immaterials: Light painting WiFi’ has inspired a wide range of projects from designers and technologists from various fields. In this blogpost we look at how the concepts, visual language and techniques from the film have been taken up by other practitioners.

Visualising WiFi for the masses

Over the last year our film ‘Immaterials: Light painting WiFi’ have been seen over a million times, spread far across the internet and have become a popular cultural phenomena. In this blogpost we have a look at where the film has gone and how it has been discussed.

Vimeo Awards 2012

‘Immaterials: WiFi light painting’ has been nominated for a Vimeo Award!



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