This sub-project experiments with emerging locational services that facilitate ludic, multiple and relational views of city life.

PLAYUR investigates the concept of play and its potential to engage participants in creating and inhabiting spaces via social media narratives.

The main research questions are: How can multiple view narratives be tailored in mobile social media to use haptic, kinetic and visual affordances of the latest ‘smart phones’ in the shaping of fictional performativity? What’s the role of play in the design and uses of social media in the city?

Design experiments will be carried out with a development team (InterMediaLab and Faster Imaging) and participant narrators. In this way, PLAYUR positions creative, cultural narrative as a key part of the future performative uptake of social media in city settings.

Analytically, the project draws together urbanists, media scholars, interaction designers and programmers. They  investigate a topological approach to multimodal narrative relating to pace, place and space.

PLAYUR – Exercises in Urban Play

Combining theory and practice, this closing event of the PLAYUR project invites you to explore playful urban engagement through a blend of lectures, workshops and performances.



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