OVERLAY uses techniques of social media annotation to examine the discourses of multiple stakeholders in urban development processes.

The main research question we pose is: How may digital environments be used to represent and circulate participation of multiple stakeholders in the progression of major urban development sites?

OVERLAY will depict dynamics of diverse processes involved and it will visually demonstrate their various characteristics through different media (e.g flickr tags, wiki, video interviews, historical documents, dialogues with planners, tags, AR overlays etc). A public discursive domain will be constructed via Origo and linked to other social media applications and uses.

OVERLAY creates a critical, performative and multimodal discourse plane ‘above’ the planning, media and marketing discourses city dwellers and the public meet. It’ll offer ‘user generated content’ in the form of multi-voiced ‘cityzen’ narratives.

Streetscape – an experimental app for urban mapping

A paper about the experimental urban mapping app Streetscape, made as part of the YOUrban project, was presented at the Local and Mobile Conference at North Carolina State University. 

Social Cities of Tomorrow

I have just returned from the Social Cities of Tomorrow 3-day workshop and 1-day conference in Amsterdam. The catch cry for the week was “how can we make cities more social, not only more technical?”.

FutureEverything 2011

In May I was lucky enough to be YOUrban’s envoy to the FutureEverything festival and conference in Manchester. After three busy days of workshops, talks, concerts and exhibitions, I returned to Oslo with new perspectives on themes such as open data, rapid prototyping and festivals as method for user-led innovation.



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